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80QW50-12-4 Submersible sewage pump2017-11-13T13:08:28+00:00

80QW50-12-4 Submersible sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump

Rated Flow: 10m3/h

Rated Head: 7m

Rated Eff: 45%

Shaft Power: 0.42kw

Speed: 2900rpm

Motor Power: 0.75kw

Weight: 21kgs

WQ sewage submersible pump is non-clogging sewage pump developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, now is the most advanced internal sewage systems. Features: notable energy saving effect, non-clogging , anti-winding, strong particles passing ability, automatic installation, automatic prosecution, etc.

80QW50-12-4 Submersible sewage pump material

Submersible sewage pump structure and material

80QW50-12-4 Submersible sewage pump curve

50QW10-7-0.75 Submersible sewage pump